Here is the first edition of your new union newspaper, IMPACT. This is a new media that will better inform members about the work carried out by the various committees of your Union.

Several people wanted more information about our actions and we agreed with them. Transparency is essential in order to continue to evolve together in trust and harmony.

Speaking of renewal in our shop, we would like to take the time to welcome all the newly hired employees! It’s a great pleasure to see new faces among us. We wish you a long and successful career.

 Impact will possibly be written after each monthly meeting of your Executive Team depending on the quantity of information to be communicated!

Don’t forget that information is also available via our other STTRRC media (television, bulletin board, website and Facebook page).

Good reading

Yan Lanthier

Vice-President Communications





Message from the President of STTRRC-CSN


Hello dear members,

With the summer season drawing to a close, I sincerely hope that you took advantage of your summer vacation to rest and spend quality time with your loved ones.

For over a year now, we have been back at work after a historic labor dispute that affected us all. Despite this, I would like to congratulate you for your remarkable professionalism as well as your work ethic that you have demonstrated every day for the past twelve months. I am extremely proud of all the members of the STTRRC-CSN.

Since I took office, several people have asked us to communicate more about discussions, issues, disputes as well as positive developments that we have with the company. I am happy to announce that from now on, regular communication will be provided to you by your union team. We will keep you informed of topics related to all our union committees. Obviously, certain things cannot be disclosed for reasons of confidentiality. It is essential to keep you informed and mobilized in order to flourish union life within our organization.

More United than Ever


Richard Dufour






  • Since September 12, the CSN can count on a new aeronautical member within its team. In fact, the 130 members of the SAFRAN company left the IAMAW in order to join the CSN and become the Syndicat des Travailleuses et Travailleurs Safran (STTS-CSN).
  • It is a great pleasure to announce that the Grievance Committee has won a great victory concerning 23 employees who were not entitled to the signing bonus upon the return of the conflict. They will each receive $5,500! See settlement agreement 22-022 for details.
  • During our conflict, we were entitled to generous solidarity from other unions through donations. We found it natural to give back to union members who are or have been in labor disputes in 2023. We gave to Cimetière Côte-Des-Neiges, Résidences Ainés Alma as well as the unions in conflict in Saguenay.



Message from the Treasurer


STTRRC’s finances are in good shape. 2023 being our first so-called ‘normal’ year, the current budget was established based on past experience despite the fact that several categories are no longer the same since our change of allegiance.

At the time of writing, most categories are on track to meet the established budget. The year 2023 will therefore be used as a reference in the next budget forecasts for 2024.

You are all invited to participate in the General Assembly in January 2024 to discuss and approve the STTRRC budget for the next year.


Billy Bob




Message from the Information Technology Committee

Dear colleagues,

Don’t forget to follow us on our different platforms to stay informed about what’s happening in your Union!

To subscribe to our newsletter, simply go to our website at

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We sometimes send text messages for messages deemed important. If you want to receive them, send an email with your name and cell number to the following address:

Remember that all data (personal email, telephone numbers or other) is confidential and accessible only by the Vice-President of IT Technologies and the President of the STTRRC.


Benoit Blanchette

Vice-president of IT technologies



Message from the Health and Safety at Work Commitee


Health and Safety is essential for the company and your Union. Many workers are not aware of the importance of ADEQUATELY completing the forms for acceptance of files by the CNESST. When you have a work accident, it is essential to go to the medical center and then see your union Health and Safety representative. For any injury, there will be an investigation to prevent it from happening again.


To be recognized as a work accident, the event must have caused an occupational injury, that is to say an injury or illness diagnosed by certain health professionals (dentists, nurses, specialized practitioners, doctors, optometrists and pharmacists). There must be a cause and effect relationship between the accident and the injury, and not just a coincidence.


In the event of a workplace accident, the worker may be entitled to compensation and services such as medical assistance or rehabilitation once their request is accepted. He must make an official request by completing the Worker’s Complaint within 6 months following the accident.


As with an accident at work, an occupational disease can be contracted through or during work. It is the CNESST which determines, according to different criteria, whether it is an occupational disease.







Maxime Pineault

Vice-president of Health and Safety at Work



Report of the Workshop Commitee

***Note that this is a translation, the legal and official grievances are in French***


  • Grievance settlement agreement 22-022; The employer refuses to respect the back to work protocol, as duly negotiated in good faith between the parties, with regard to the sums of money paid as a signing bonus to employees with an employment relationship with the employer on the date of the meeting, for employees on short-term, long-term disability, CNESST and SAAQ. 23 members at $5500.00 each = $126,500.00


  • Grievance 21-008 – The employer refuses to partially close its facilities and forces employees to work on December 30 and 31, 2020. Article 6.02 of the collective agreement considers these two additional days of leave not worked and describes the compensation method. (Awaiting the superior court’s decision on the employer’s challenge to initial arbitration decision 2468.)


  • Grievance 22-013 – On March 15, 2022, through a letter posted and sent to our members, the employer declared that it was locking out the employees of the bargaining unit. As a result, they indicate that group insurance coverage will be suspended during the lockout. This contravenes article 27.03 of the collective agreement which stipulates that the conditions and terms contained in this collective agreement will continue to apply until the signing of the new collective agreement. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 22-018 and Grievance 23-010 – We contest the calculation of annual vacation pay established according to the parameters of article 10.09 of the collective agreement, concerning employees with more than three (3) weeks of vacation and who were absent due to illness or parental leave. This is discrimination under the Quebec Charter. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 22-019 – The employer refuses to respect the back to work protocol, as duly negotiated in good faith between the parties, with regard to the concept of seniority and length of service during the labor dispute, regarding the pension plan. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 23-002 – The employer does not respect the terms of the collective agreement by forcing employees who are not team leaders to perform team leader tasks. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 23-004 – In accordance with our collective agreement, in particular article 23.03, we contest the position of the employer as indicated in the letter dated January 30, 2023, of not respecting the terms relating to the participation of employees during an absence. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 23-009 – As the collective agreement stipulates (reference to the ministry’s recommendation), we contest the employer’s decision to refuse to pay its contribution to the retirement plan, as provided for in article 23.01 a ) (10%) retroactively to March 22, 2020. – pending arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 23- 016 – The Union affirms that employees on sickness (insurance), CNESST, SAAQ, maternity, paternity or parental leave, even if they have missed considerable working time or even if they have not not worked in 2021, 2022 and subsequent years should receive the corporate bonus in full and not in proportion to the number of hours worked during the year. This results from the fact that these workers are protected by article 10 of the Quebec Charter and that they cannot be discriminated against on the basis of a disability or their marital status. – awaiting arbitration dates.


  • Grievance 23-020 – Contestation of the employer’s decision to have work carried out by employees of the bargaining unit (stationary machine operators) by people who are not covered by the accreditation certificate – 2nd step


  • Grievance 23-022 – The union contests the employer’s poor application of article 11.04. The employer fails to send details of the position to all employees by internal email as soon as it is posted. – 2nd step


  • 14 member grievances at different stages


     Your Workshop Committee




Message from the Mobilization-Union Life Commitee

Dear Comrades,


Our almost 95 years of history remind us of the need to continue to promote a union and social project aimed at improving our working conditions and transforming workplaces to help workers, and the population in general.


More than ever, we must not deviate from our trajectory or distort our action. We must continue to devote all our energies and all legal means to defending our achievements.


“The progress of each person is based on the progress of all,” said Marcel Pepin.

So, I invite everyone to move forward collectively and also act in the interest of as many people as possible. As union members, we must always aim for solidarity, not division.


More United Than Ever.


Gérard Sehounhouedo

Vice-president of Mobilization- Union Life



 Message from the Training Commitee


The FIM (Fédération de l’Industrie Manufacturing) and the CCMM (Conseil Central Montréal Métropolitain) offer training throughout the year to prepare your representatives for the tasks they will have to accomplish in their union functions. In the coming months, certain representatives of your executive, workshop, health and safety and surveillance committees will acquire new knowledge that will allow them to properly assume their responsibilities.


Yannick Ricard

Vice-president Training